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👽 A small Jean Genie snuck off to the city. Strung out on lasers and slash back blazers. . .
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8th-Dec-2020 01:58 pm - Partially ~ Friends Only
blood grin EATS YOUR FACE


90% of entries: LOCKED
10% of entries: for public eyes...

So basically Friends only...
Comment to be added.

10th-Jul-2014 10:55 pm - HOLY FUK-OLY
blood grin EATS YOUR FACE

I have discovered Livejournal once again! haha...
I think my last entry was way back in 2013 but who knows. (I've edited them so they are no longer visible except to me because I really don't want to expose anyone to my previous psychosis.)

What is up cyber-space?? ello? anyone alive out there... hah ha haa..
Well I'm still insane. But I've bettered myself for the most part.
I live just outside San francisco now in my home town called Santa Rosa. (those that have followed me forever ago know that i've moved around alot haha)

I've done really well with school and I've actually managed to achieve a 4.0 last semester.
That's pretty fucking huge for me. Considering all my previous failures.
I've become a costume designer hahaa well not with a degree/certificate or anything (yet) but I'm getting close. This upcoming semester I will be the assistant costume designer for Phantom of the Opera.
I'm super fucking excited about it because it's a huge production.

I just got my first e-mail telling me to begin my research for the costumes that will be constructed for the play AH. xD

Last semester I worked on Spamalot!!!!!! which is a Monty Python musical that can be seen on broadway. I might take some time to post some pics and write bout my experience with that since I'm in a writing mood once again.
I think I'm going to re-vamp this journal and freshen it up a bit. Alot of my interests have changed so some website-tweaking is in order.
Hope all is well.

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