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|| Gene_Jeannie ||

👽 A small Jean Genie snuck off to the city. Strung out on lasers and slash back blazers. . .

22 May 1987

||My Name||
Jeannie (Mistressyoukai)

May 22nd 1987


This is the breakdown of the matter.
I’m Jeannie AKA Mistressyoukai

If you get to know me…I will love you one day and hate you the next. But I promise I’ll love you more than hate you after I hate you a few more times then love you again…
Talking to me is like talking to fifty different people in one conversation.
SO…if you’re not into that (which most aren’t trust me)

Spare me the fake friendship…because it takes a tough cookie to be on my friendship train.
Lately I’ve been going a little too publico…which I don’t know why..but oh well.
I’d say 90% of my entries are my most heart felt and when I spit acid on people…so..
Beware xD…
The other 10% are just public entries of the exact same nature…only I feel like telling absolutely everyone that comes across it those thoughts xD…foo foo.

I love all things dark. dark and dreadful...Dark sexy fashion..with eyeballs and decapitation ...me like. I love money..tattoos...cute earrings/piercings and alcohol. I also love friends and I'm bad to the bone. Loyal to the bone.

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.... "I could be your girl..girlgirlgirlgirl..but would you love me IF....I ruled the world worldworld."-Heavy Metal Lover by guess who.